Thursday, June 26, 2014

Avon C14 - due Wed July 2 (noon)

Hi All,
Happy Canada's Day! Hope you have an awesome day.

This is a great time to stock up on Naturals Shower gels. And bug sprays and sunscreen. :)


Friday, June 6, 2014

My Inventory Clearance

Hi All,
Please find some items that are in my Inventory Clearance. There’s no taxes and also majority of items are less than costs. There’s no returns or exchanges. This are for items in my existing Inventory and quantities are limited. Ask me for details. Also, come check it out at my place for best selection.

Anew Platinum (purple line) set (day, night and eye cream) $42. (retail for $135 if bought individually)
Anew Platinum (purple line) day, night, emulsion or eye cream $15 each (retail for $45 + taxes)
Anew Platinum (purple line) serum $25 each (retail for $39.99 + taxes)

Anew Ultimate (gold line) day or night  $15 each (retail for $39)

Advance Techniques family size Volume conditioner $5 (retail for $11.99)

Anew Genics eye treatment $20 (retail for $40 + taxes)
Anew Genics treatment cream $20 (retail for $42 + taxes)

$1 Items:
·         Lip balms
·         Travel size antibacterial hand gel
·         Deodorant
·         Children Body Bath Paint

$3 items
·         Nail polish
·         Mascara
·         Lip Gloss
·         Lip Stick
·         Full Size antibacterial hand gel
·         Wallets

$4 items (retail from $8 to $15.00)
·         Moisture Therapy Body Wash
·         Tranquil Moments Shower Gel
·         Tranquil Moments Bath
·         Full Size antibacterial hand soap
·         Wallet

$6 items (retail from $8 to $15.00)
·         Foundations
·         Loose Powder
·         Argan/Oil Treatment

Flip Flops set – Size S $5 – (retails at $9.99)

Dotty Slip On sneaker $8  – (retails at $19.99)

Purse $15  – (retails at $39.99)

Casual Shorty Sleep Set 2X $10 (retails at $29.99)
Reversible Belt L/XL $5 (retails at $14.99)

Crochet top – black size 1X  $10 (retails at $39.99)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Avon C12 - due Tues June 3

Hi All,
Please check out C12 ebook for all your spring/summer needs.

I am also doing an inventory clearance so if you are interested in the list of things that I have on sale personally, let me know.

Have a great week.